KeywordsE-Health, Wearable Sensors, Medical Sensors, BLE, Cloud platform, privacy. GDPR


Mixel has developed an innovative telemedicine platform  to remotely manage health parameters of several patients and operators. In particular, the platform allows the user to:

  • Monitor the patients’ physiological parameters using a set of wearable sensors
  • Automatic alerts generation in case any value exceed the set thresholds, customized according to the patients’ conditions and needs
  • Simple and quick communication with clinical personnel and the patients’ caregivers
  • Optimized visualization and management of each patient’s alerts

The platform provides the following features:

  • Monitoring of physiological parameters of the patient and real-time visualization of the data acquired
  • Optimized management of several patients, structures, operators, clinical personnel members
  • Definition of custom thresholds for each measured parameter and dispatch of an Alert in case of values beyond these thresholds
  • Setting of one or more caregivers contacts and dispatch of updated information on the patient’s health conditions
  • Filling of a certified NEWS questionnaire for a subjective measure of the patient’s status
  • Safe data management thanks to the implementation of a safe Server and specific security algorithms, GDPR compliant

A set of off the shelf sensors are integrated in the platform, to acquire the following physiological data:

  • ECG
  • Temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Glycemia
  • Oximetry
  • Body weight
  • Breath rate
  • Heart rate
  • Therapy compliance

A simple smartphone or a dedicated wifi hot-spot is used as a sensor HUB, to allow the communication between the sensors and the Cloud platform

A PC terminal for the usage of the Web Application

A Web Application with Control Room features to be used by the operators; the Web Application allows the integrated management of patients, users and client structures, and the real-time visualization of the body parameters and the related Alerts.

A Mobile Application can be used by the patients and the healthcare personnel, which allows the visualization of the data acquired by the sensors, the filling of NEWS questionnaires and the data dispatch to the Cloud.

Another Mobile App is available for   the caregivers, which provides real-time visualization of the measured parameters and the possibility to be notified in case of need.

A Cloud Platform communicate, save and store the data acquired using the sensors and the questionnaires; the Cloud Platform is optimized for a safe data management data, and compliant with the new european standards on sensitive data management (GDPR).